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I am one of those apparently rare individuals who have had a long and happy life doing work I love and married to the same lovely wife for almost 60 years. We have one son who is a physician and teacher. My motto: "You may win the rat race... but can you outrun the cat?

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    maximum maxim summation of experience relating to life, fantasy, whatever. It may also be utter nonsense. But never, I say, sir or madam, shall it devolve into mere word play…unless the Count is having a little pun with you. One of the great writers of maxims, Michele de Montaigne wrote: “The manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness.”  So, avoid being ticketed for loitering in the desert of life…“The Maximum Maxims of Count Sneaky” is available as an e-book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AuthorHouse Book Store and other fine book stores for $3.99 or less. 

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